Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ultimate Buttercream Recipe

My friend, chronicler, makes the most beautiful cakes and has shared the recipe with a tutorial for this lucious looking buttercream that she says her customers think is fondant. I have never made a decent looking cake and now I know why. She calls the recipe Basic Buttercream; I call it the Ultimate because I've never seen this technique.
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Part2: The Smoothing Tutorial
Her cake looks amazing!


  1. Thank you Meggiecat!

  2. You share the most wonderfully eclectic things. Hardly a visit to meggiecat passes that I'm not left with something wonderful. I wonder, now, how I faced my days when you were unable to blog. What a gift to have you back!

    Thanks again and again!
    Best Wishes,
    Mary O.K.

  3. Looks fabulous and thanks for pointing me to Chronicler's website -- she has great stuff there!


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