Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Natural Cleaning Recipes Booklet

Sweet Junie Moon created a downloadable booklet of natural cleaning recipes for me and we are sharing this lovely booklet as our commemoration for Earth Day.
She generously calls it a collaboration but the recipes are the ones she uses and she did all the work.
I love her for it.

Since I've started having neurological problems I've become more sensitive to chemicals.
I saw that June had made her own cleaning supplies. More than that, she made the containers beautiful!
I wanted the recipes and also thought that a booklet and a page of labels along with ingredients and bottles would make a nice gift. I'm so thrilled that she took the time to put together this booklet and hope that you will like it too. Visit Junie Moon and download your own.


  1. Ah, you said such nice things about me that I'm blushing. Thank you!

    I'm so glad you like the booklet. I really do enjoy the recipes and always feel good about using them.

    How did you get the snapshot of the book like that from the PDF document? See, I learn new things from you every day and now I want to learn this. Maybe a little post on doing such things?

  2. I use Windows Vista and one of the tools in the accessories is a Snipping Tool. It allows me to take snaps of anything that is on my screen. Notice that the image isn't nearly as crisp as the PDF.
    The images are the same as using the "print screen" key except that I can choose just a portion of the screen.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful booklet! I am going to try some of these for sure :)


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