Friday, April 04, 2008

Making Booklets

Geeze, I love the internet! Somehow I'm able to find just the right tools to accomplish the task at hand. I needed a way to turn the Matrimonial Primer into a booklet and found this tool.
The instruction page is very clear and offers printing instructions.
The instruction page had a link to this PDF creator

I ran the BookletCreator with an uncleaned copy of the pdf download of The Matrimonial Primer. It worked beautifully! I am still undecided about using the color or black and white copy. The b&w copy did not have the beautiful end papers showing and the lovely sepia fill color is a dead grey.


  1. This is super helpful! One of my favorite things to do is to make books (about most anything) and I've always done the layout and everything by fiddling around on my computer. Your information would really save me time and organize it all in a much smarter way.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    You are amazing - You find the most interesting sites/tools on the Internet. I will have to try this idea.

  3. I'm not skills are low compared to so many. I look for the most simple tools I can find that don't involve buying graphic software.

  4. Have spent most of the morning fiddling around on the computer turning the Primer into a booklet! Have run out of ink so thought I would check your latest blog. If only we were in the same time zone!!!!

  5. Amanda,

    Oh! I get it now. Did you mean that you did the layout by hand
    I didn't print it yet. Just viewed it onscreen. I'm curious; did you choose the color or b&w?
    I don't want to print it until I open it in a picture program and try to get some of the library markings off the images.

  6. Just found you again Meggie! You have been missed. You are now on my Bloglines so I can follow your helpful blog.

  7. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Hi meggie cat I have given you an Award go to my blog to Check it out love from Sesgs xx

  8. Photoshopped out the various marks and then printed out the colour version on lovely creamy paper. Looks a treat. Perfect for the wedding celebration mixed-media-tag-book thingy that I am working on. Just need to figure out the best way to bind the signatures together and what sort of cover to make.

  9. THIS is totally cool and oh, so useful. Thank you so much. I have already made my first booklet! I enjoy your blog so much.

  10. How cool is this?
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. So wonderful! Thank you! I'm going to try it now too :-)


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