Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tape Sculpture as Party Lighting

I'm just crazy for Mark Jenkins' tape sculptures and think that the concept would make great outdoor lighting for parties. Tape sculpture is made by wrapping an object with plastic wrap and then adding layers of clear packing tape for strength. Cut the taped shape off the object, repair the cut with more tape and you have a sculpture.
I'm thinking stick up lights as the light source.
I want house shapes and trees for the outer edges of a yard party. The house shapes could be made from large cardboard boxes and pointy trees from upside down tomato cages.
Here is Mark's tutorial for making a tape sculpture.


  1. this is amazing!! wow!
    i have a similar light done with wire and paper mache. will post it on my flicker page.thanx for this

  2. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Hi Meggiecat, this post inspired me to do something altogether different than sculpture... it suddenly occurred to me that his technique is perfect for making shoe patterns!!! :-)) Thanks again!


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