Monday, July 24, 2006

Printable Fun and Games for the Kids

Picture me as a little kid; slumped shoulders, head tilted to the side, furrowed brow, whiney voice.
"Mooooooooommmmmm, I don't have anything to do."
She would say things like "Clean your closet." or "Pull some weeds."
Oh, thanks a lot.
Just in case it's too hot for the little ones to play outside here's some printables from Tomlitoo. A whole lot more fun than cleaning the closet.
Click on the pictures then look at the blue box on the left for the various images.
Three pages of farm animal dominoes.

Four pages of monster dominoes in color or black and white for them to color.

Four puzzle cubes.

Check out the party page. Cowboys (the party hats are a scream) Pirates, Circus, Dinosaurs and more. Activities, invitations, party hats and costumes. Why wait? Have a "just us" party.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gram's Embroidery Transfer

This clover pattern belonged to my paternal grandmother. It's an unused Alice Brooks transfer that I'm guessing it's from the early 50's. I don't think I've seen it shared online before.

You may notice that I've watermarked (my first try) these patterns. Thanks to a mention on whip-up by boogaj I figured out how to do this. These patterns are free for your personal use only.
I'm sorry that I even have to say it.

I picked and scanned this clover for a color guide.
Click on the motifs for high resolution, 100% patterns. The watermark is light enough that the patterns are still usable but anyone who wants to swipe and sell them will have to do some work themselves. Not that I think people are beating a path to take these designs ;-) It's a precaution; once burned and all my own fault.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I scanned these from
Two Hundred Best Poems for Boys and Girls
compiled by Marjorie Barrows
silhouettes by Janet Laura Scott and Paula Rees Good.
Whitman Publishing Company 1938.
Click on the pics for high resolution images.

the poem is too long so I'll only quote the last line.
When I Was a Bird
by Katherine Manfield
"I felt just like a bird"

This one is for Kim.

The Little Girl Next Door
by Mildred Bowers Armstrong
If she had a broom straw
Stuck into her hat,
We'd think it was a feather -
She's like that.

by Ann Zelenka
I've spaded up a garden
But I haven't planted seeds,
This one's going to be kept
Exclusively for weeds -
There won't be distinctions
Or uptilted noses,
And Queen Anne's lace is lovelier
Than lilies or roses.