Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vintage 1941 Christmas Stencils

These are Workbasket designs for cards and wrapping paper. The only reason I think they are from 1941 is that there is a page from the Pennsylvania Farmer in the original envelope. I think they would be great for windows too. Click the pics for larger versions.

This little deer is so cute but the spots on the rump are a problem to cut into a stencil. I think freehanding them is best, even finger prints could work.

Nice tree. Love the bow detail.

This next one is my favorite. Those birds are great.

scanned by meggiecat

Christmas Papercuts / Scherenschnitte Patterns

Twin Image Trims from Vintage McCalls Jiffy Tree Trims.
Click the pictures for larger versions.

White Silhouette Trims.

Online Quilt Design

This is one nice tool. When you are done designing you can print the block, view a line or color drawing and calculate yardage. Free block patterns galore.
From Jinny Beyer

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Printable Neighborhood

From Vivint. Smartify your home.

DIY Sculpy Tile

From Kara Paslay Design
Hello, I'm Kara! I'm an interior designer, window display artist, & set decorator. I share all my creations and tips for beautifying your own surroundings right here! Thanks for stopping by!

27 Creative Sewing Crafts From Country Living Magazine

27 Creative Sewing Crafts

Whether you're a decades-long sewer or new to the craft, check out these ideas for fun projects using a needle and thread.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Perfect Bird Pattern

From fellow Oregonian, Terry Grant of And sew it goes…..

"I started making birds way back at the end of 2007.  I made more. Then I started selling them on eBay. Then Pokey Bolton asked me to submit an article and pattern for a Quilting Arts special magazine called Quilt Festival Quilt Scene. Then she asked me to tape a segment for Quilting Arts TV and show how they are made. The pattern is still up on the Quilting Arts TV web site here, and apparently people are still making them. Here is how they looked in Quilting Arts magazine."

Christmas Tree Templates


Cat Face Paper Chain

Fashion Drawings

Vintage Slipper Pattern

1949 slipper patterns shared on Little Grey Bungalow.
Visit the Little Grey Bungalow.
Shay shares a lot of vintage patterns in different mediums.
Thanks, Shay, I love the ruffles and the quilting.

Cone Calculator

ConeCalc is a free program that provides a flat pattern for a cone of your dimensions.
Good for lampshades and felt cone dolls.
Work online or download. You are able to print from the download version.
Windows and Mac

The Secret Life of Cats

Oliver showed up a few years ago wearing a collar tag with his name and a phone number.  I called and said "Your sweet Oliver cat is here trying to move in with me" He said "You can keep him. We moved." HOW COULD THEY!

Goody for me!  The universe sends me a cat when I need one. Oliver is a "big, bad farm cat" and a bed lounger. Best cat ever.

I've always known that he was a superior being. The tv show, The Secret Life of Cats, on Nat Geo Wild proved it to me. It will be on again Nov. 1. I highly recommend.

Elf Stitchette Embroidery Patterns

Elf Patterns A gift from Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls. Thank you!
She sells her patterns in the Wee Wonderfuls Store

Her book is available at Amazon

Puppy Card 1921

This card is one of my all time favorite finds. A friend used it
as a business card for her dog walking business.

Free Handbag Patterns and Photo Tutorials

From ikat bag

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Printable Recipe Cards

Christmas cookie exchanges are coming.
From my girl thursday

Hand Embroidery Patterns

From the ever talented Andrea Zuill
She sells her work on Etsy

Badbird’s Art 

And she is generous too! Sharing a large selection of free patterns On her blog,

Baby Doll Bassinet TUTORIAL

From Jamie C. of Nothing Fancy

LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Design Software

Free Handbag Patterns

This is the largest collection of free handbag patterns I've seen.

Christmas Angels

From The Graphics Fairy

Free 3D Paper Stars and Lantern Templates

Projekt Bastelbogen
There are 33 designs for stars and then check the
home page for paper craft projects of all kinds

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Perfect tool to generate your own hexagonal paper piecing templates.
You choose the size.