Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vintage Angel Cookie Ornaments

These adorable angels are from a McCall's Jiffy Tree Trimmings from sometime in the 70's. The cool things about these are that they are all made from one set of circle cutters, one set scalloped circle cutters and one scalloped star. The white frosting is painted on with a pastry brush. The colored "paint" is liquid food coloring that's been allowed to dry and then touched with a wet brush just like watercolor paint. The recipes are included. Click on the pictures for a larger version and then save to your own hard drive before printing.

Vintage Felt Bird Ornaments

These birds are also from McCall's Jiffy Trims. Click the pics for large version, save to your hard drive before printing.

scanned by meggiecat

Friday, November 07, 2008

Printable Animal Designs

Louise Elliott wrote to me about the downloadable coloring pages she is sharing on her site. She sells really cool panel doll and toy kits. She is sharing the outline drawings for the animal of the world set as a gift to us. Each animal is covered in designs symbolic of it's country. My favorites are the cats from England. Love them and hope you will too.

Printable Boxes and Woven Hearts

Margit Ammentorp is sharing her boxes, woven hearts and printable papers on her blog, Papirklip og ├Žsker . It's a new blog and I found it was well worth the time to explore the archives. She is a creative wonder. Thanks to Diane of CraftyPod for sharing Margit's talent.
Heart with bullfinches

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Classical Persian Carpet Design

Pieces of a Puzzle: Classical Persian Carpet Fragments
Examples of fragments of 16th and 17th century Persian rugs, including "three principal surviving fragments of one spectacular 16th-century Khorasan rug [which] are reunited in this exhibition. ... These pieces also fit together like a puzzle, allowing us to glimpse the grand scale of the original carpet." Includes an overview of the Khorasan region (in modern Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan), diagrams of rug knotting techniques, and images of carpet fragments. From the Textile Museum.

Printable Labels

Printable poison labels are a gift from Richard Miller of I know that it's a little late for Halloween but I need to file this one somewhere. He has a link to Halloween patents and a link to his other website, Toys from the Sixities, that I have not yet checked out.

Change for All

I rarely say anything political but today I am very proud to be an American. The news is full of wonder over the fact that our president elect is black. Yep, that's great but for me he is one spectacular, outstanding man. I am thrilled that his elegant demeanor will be the face our country will show the world.

I was blown away by his acceptance speech. He is a great orator and thinker who I believe will act in an ethical manner for the benefit of us all. He asked us to work hard and keep faith as Americans, a call to arms that I will answer.