Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girl's Projects

A friend has asked for craft project suggestions for her 13 yr. old daughter's sleep over party.
I think it might be fun to make some rings and charms.
This great tutorial at PlanetJune for fun and simple Shrink Plastic Rings is great inspiration.
If you decide to do this, there are some good tips in the comments and it would probably be a good idea to check with the other mothers about working with hot materials.

From Ruby's Jewelry Design and Beadwork is this simple beaded ring tutorial.
Ruby has quite a large collection of beadwork tutorials here.

This printable ring sizer from would be helpful. You would want to have the correct size mandrels (dowels, pens etc.) for each girl to wrap her shrink plastic ring to the correct size.

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  1. What great ideas and the ring-sizer is a great thing to include.


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