Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Purse Project

Barb Lawrence aka Woof Nanny's blog all about creating and altering handbags. Tips, inspiration, links to patterns and so much more. She really blows me away with her generosity. I couldn't pick just one picture to show. You'll have to visit to see for yourself. Be sure to also check out her craft blog, Woof Nanny; it's a favorite of mine.


  1. ACK, you are so amazing. Where do you find all this incredible stuff? I love this blog - thank you!!

  2. I found Woof Nanny through her wonderful Flickr page:
    I have been a reader of her craft blog through Bloglines and had not seen her sidebar mentioning her purse blog...big mistake, not visiting.

  3. I also love Wolf Nanny's sites. She has such great ideas!

  4. Wow, such love here right when I need it! Thanks for the shout out!


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