Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cold Porcelain - Recipes

Recently I've been studying the modeling clay patents and have been surprised that the older compounds are similar to the products offered today. A friend needs a way to sculpt a wedding cake topper and and decorations for the favors. She does not want to use polymer clay and we think that cold porcelain will give her the delicacy and translucent quality she desires. The following links provide a wealth of information.
Arts and Crafts for Family and Kids - Cold Porcelain Recipes
Gina Atkinson - Porcelain flowers tutorial
The Artful Crafter - Cornstarch clay


  1. I'm fascinated by cold porcelain, too. I first learned about it after doing that clay podcast. I had tried a simpler cornstarch clay recipe, which was lovely in the hand, but fell apart upon drying. A listener then wrote me about cold porcelain, which has the missing durability. These are great links - thank you!

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Thanks for the links. I love cp too!

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I love cold pocelain and it´s very useful to have new recipes.
    Thanks for sharing those links.

  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    How long does the cold porcelain last once its sculpted and dried? thanks


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