Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Project

Aren't these the cutest? Patricia (Agence Eureka) does it again! Catch my heart. Thank you, friend.
Click these photos to be taken to her blog and then click her pictures to go to her Flickr set. She offers full size printable images so you have to click on "All Sizes" at Flickr.

Cute math lessons are in the same Flickr set. This is just two of them.


  1. ;-) happy easter Meggiecat
    and thanks to like my littles pics and thanks too for all your great find here.

  2. I recognize the kids--from the Make It Book (published in the 50's and 60's). I have images from that book on Flickr too. I loved that book. In fact, I just bought a new copy on ebay, because my original is falling apart.

  3. They are indeed the cutest projects! I'm going to add them to my Easter list for next year. Thank you for sharing them. I hope your weekend was wonderful.


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