Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Floorcloth Design Source

While I'm thinking about floorcloths I want to share my best design source for rug designs. Google Patents has more patent designs than I will ever be able to explore.
Some search terms might help here.
Search with the word design and look in the list for patent numbers that have a capital D in front of the numerals.
Design for a rug, linoleum, Congoleum, oilcloth, Bigelow etc. One search term at a time.
Some of the designs from the 20's and 30's are surprisingly modern. Click the pictures above to be taken to those designs. If you are willing to dig there's a wealth of inspiration.


  1. I went to Google Patents and typed in "design dress."

    OMYGOSH. There goes the rest of the evening.

    (Of course there are a couple that make you wonder WHAT they were thinking...!!)

  2. There's also some Oleg Cassini in there too. Try some names. Jimmy Choo shoes and bags are in there.

  3. If you dont' mind I am going to post the Google patents link on my blog tomorrow. This is way too much fun not to share!


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