Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to make a ball jointed doll

Step by step tutorial from Dollhouse Noah. The material is sawdust and paste molded over floral foam that is raked out of the pieces after drying. Sawdust is often called wood flour and has been the base for many composition dolls and modeling clays. Google patents offers a wealth of information that I may get around to posting. In the meantime check out this tutorial.


  1. They make it seem so easy...but I wonder if you could get the same effect with Fimo or Sculpy?

  2. i don't think you could..from what i've read so far (i've been researching bjd's non stop for a couple of days now =P) it's best to use just clay, not polymer stuff like sculpey.

  3. And why is that? do you know?

  4. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Sculpy is good for initial sculps, but if you want to make nice dolls porcelain is better for the final doll (in otherwords make moulds from the sculpy doll) Porcelain is a lot more expensive.

  5. Anonymous11:36 AM

    This lady makes dolls from Sculpey and provides a tutorial. :)

  6. made mine from cheap glitter fimo clay. Was in sale. And whated to try it out.

  7. GreaT!! I loved this post! Saludos desde México!

  8. I didn't knew that BJDs are made of sawdust. Hmn... interesting. :)

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Porcelain is also alot harder to work with... The results are beautiful but there's a learning curve for how to deal with cracks bc of uneven drying or shrinkage etc.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      there are beautiful ball jointed dolls made of paper clay, a type of air drying clay and they are very detailed and artfully made. I've started working with the paper clay and I really like working with it.

  10. Anonymous5:13 AM

    I have been using this recipe to make some joint balls, the core of the hand and the arm to elbow
    a few drops of liquid soap

  11. hello, I'm in a French forum where it is saying that polyurethane resin is the better ever. What do you think about that ?
    can a bjd be casting in sawdust clay ?


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