Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Outdoor Mosaic Quilt Sculpture

Update April 24, 2015
This  project is no longer shown on her site but her current work is interesting.  I think she is using a synthetic stucco material.

This sculpture project by artist Faith Schexnayder was my favorite episode of HGTV's That's Clever. Faith carved the shape from dense foam, spread on a layer of cement mixed with fiberglass fibers and then created the mosaic. Faith also makes all kinds of outdoor sculpture, signs and props with this technique. Not all get the mosaic treatment and it was the foam and cement that captured me. There is a tutorial online for this quilt and Faith keeps a website for her business, Flatfork Studio. My favorite section of her site is the Architectural Carving done in foam and cement.


  1. I miss Crafter's Coast To Coast. I guess they ran out of people. At least I have run across several of them on the blogs. That's fun! Thanks for the info.
    -- Michele

  2. The quilt mosaic is amazing!

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I just stumbled across this, Thank you for posting it on your site.
    I hope that I did a decent job on the show and was able to inspire you a little.
    I love the idea of empowering people to try to do anything that they want to.

  4. That is total awesomeness!! It's both a quilt and whimsical art! :-D


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