Friday, July 11, 2008

Make Your Own Tonic Water

Oregon isn't just the home of craft beer it's also the home of craft tonic water.
This great recipe by Jeffrey Morgenthaler is fruity and refreshing. It uses cinchona bark as the quinine source which is the reason I drink tonic.
Quinine is instant relief for my leg cramps. Many years ago I was able to purchase quinine in tablet form until it became available only by prescription. I always keep tonic water around for that twice a year, middle of the night leg cramp episode.

The recipe calls for agave syrup but I've used simple syrup which is much sweeter and I don't always care if I have bubbles and use plain water. Tasty cure for what ails me.
Here Food Chronicler looks at Q Tonic, a premium tonic made with Peruvian quinine, Cinchona Bark.

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  1. I never even thought about the idea that you can make your own tonic water. What a clever thing to do. I also didn't know it would help with foot and leg cramps, something I'm constantly fighting. Thanks!


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