Thursday, February 02, 2006

Valentine Fun from the Toymaker

Gifts from Marilyn Scott Waters. The Toymaker has a new page of printable valentines in pdf format.


  1. I love these! What cute valentines they'll make!

  2. thank goodness you are here (and your timing is perfect). There is no school today and I was desperate for a project for my little one.

  3. We printed these and others out last night. We are in the mood for love! My boys are wild for these projects! Thanks for the link to them.


  4. ooh, thanks for another great link! we're lovin' the papercrafting (and I'll be sure to thank the Toymaker herself, too!) ;o)

  5. Her stuff is one of the best links that you have posted. I just love that site!! I have been busy ever since!

  6. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I think that's the first site that I ever bookmarked in my "Favorites". I've got so many favorites now that I haven't checked back in there in quite awhile.
    Thank you for the reminder!


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