Monday, February 27, 2006

Handbag making

If you have any interest at all in the production and/or marketing of handbags click on over to Fashion-Incubator. Teacher extraordinaire, Kathleen Fasanella, has two posts on this topic.
The first is an introduction to leather handbag artist Henry Hibbard including links to his tutorials and resources.
The second is the start of a tutorial series by Kathleen called Pimp My Style.
"The premise of the series is to take a product produced by a DE (designer-entrepreneur) and to move it up a level with regard to structural design. I won't be changing the look of the item itself. All I'll be concerned with is mostly production related challenges. The criteria for improvement will be style management, tracking (e.g. style numbers), pattern accuracy and efficiency with the goal of lowered costs, less ambiguity, improved construction and a higher quality product."

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  1. Hey Meggie. thanks for the mention, just thought I'd come to visit for awhile, I don't read your site often but it's always a great read when I finally get here. I love pop-ups and paper spatial stuff too. If you have a delicious links for paper, I'd like to see that. My paper links are kind of sparse. However, in a related vein, I found a DIY tutorial on how to create your own hollowed out book in which to hide valuables.

    Also, isn't Henry H great? Such a trove of craft knowledge and common sense. Glad you could tell others about him too.


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