Thursday, February 09, 2006

Free knitting patterns

Thousands of free complete knitting and crochet patterns from Drops Design.

Just browsing the ladies section I saw some very interesting scarves and couple of cardigans and a coat that I would like. There is a section for the felters. Drops Design will take more than one visit for me to see it all. This is a huge library.


  1. Thanks so much for this link! So many patterns and so much to choose from.

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    i only wish i had learned how to knit! thanks for the link. you never disappoint! :)

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Just what I need - MORE projects! ;>

  4. Anonymous3:14 AM

    great! Ta very much....

  5. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Thanks for the will take hours to check it all out! I already have enough projects ahead of me & really don't need any more :)
    Also want to thank you for all the links. I stumbled across your blog not too long ago & have had a great deal of fun exploring. You must spend hours researching to find them all!

  6. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Hey...seeing this knitting link almost makes me wanna knit..naw! But thanks...your blog has neat stuff!

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    ok, now I am worried,,no post for such a long time! are you ok? if you aren't , wishing you a speedy recovery. We miss you!

  8. I am wondering same as Miss ok?

  9. and yes,where are you ?I hope you are on ski holliday !
    see you soon

  10. This is beginning to worry me. I really hope that all is well!

  11. Anonymous9:19 AM

    We miss you! I'm wondering and worried too.

  12. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Thanks for the wonderful site. They have large sizes, I'll need to check out some metric conversion sites. Meanwhile it will be a fun challenge to knit in British. I always enjoy the great thihngs you find.


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