Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Poster printing freeware

Many of you may have figured out that I am not in any way an artist. I do manage to cobble together a way to make things I want. Posteriza is a cool little piece of freeware that is going to be helpful in making patterns and templates for large items. It will print your pictures across multiple pages and also has a text feature if you are making signs or banners.
You don't have to install it. Posteriza works from an .exe. I've just now started to try it and am not sure how it works with smaller images but if I can just have the shapes, however rough, that will be enough. It saves your posters as Posteriza files but in the tools dropdown there is an "Export to jpegs for internet printing" which is what I used.
Here is a screenshot of the program. Click on it to get a better view.

I did rename the saved .jpeg format to .jpg. Here are the pages Posteriza produced. Click for larger versions if you want them.

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