Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Snow

I took this picture of Buddy waiting patiently by the glass door. He loves the snow.


  1. you have snow! lucky you are !
    here a little snow today, need more..

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Is Buddy a Cattle Dog? What a good doggie!

  3. Yes, he is a cattle dog and is the most nearly perfect dog I've ever had. He keeps the coyotes, coons and deer away but lets the delivery and meter people come. He takes his job of watching out for the family quite seriously.
    He HAS to accompany my husband by following the tractor to wherever the work is going on then he will return to the house to be my constant companion. My husband would have liked him to ride on the tractor and go for rides in the cab of the pickup but Buddy doesn't want to ride. The only other problem is that he hates having his nails trimmed.

  4. What a wonderful dog!!! Scratch his chin for me. Dogs are the best!


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