Monday, October 27, 2014

The Secret Life of Cats

Oliver showed up a few years ago wearing a collar tag with his name and a phone number.  I called and said "Your sweet Oliver cat is here trying to move in with me" He said "You can keep him. We moved." HOW COULD THEY!

Goody for me!  The universe sends me a cat when I need one. Oliver is a "big, bad farm cat" and a bed lounger. Best cat ever.

I've always known that he was a superior being. The tv show, The Secret Life of Cats, on Nat Geo Wild proved it to me. It will be on again Nov. 1. I highly recommend.


  1. I don't understand how anyone could abandon a pet!!?? I would be frantic if I moved and my dog was lost in the process.. he is family, my baby... anyway, Oliver is probably much bettor off with someone who cares and he is very handsome, if I may say so!!

  2. I know that he has a great life with us. My mother used to say that in her next life she wants to come back as a cat owned by someone like us.

  3. Our farm cat conveyed with the property by mutual consent. I felt bad for his owner but she did the right thing. She'd had him since he was a kitten (10 yrs) but she was moving into an apartment. He would have been miserable. His name used to be Rascal. I thought that was a stupid name so we renamed him Farm Cat. Spade a spade and all that.

    Here is a (funny) side by side comparison of Farm Cat and Mommy:


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