Thursday, October 30, 2014

Christmas Papercuts / Scherenschnitte Patterns

Twin Image Trims from Vintage McCalls Jiffy Tree Trims.
Click the pictures for larger versions.

White Silhouette Trims.


  1. Funny. They look a lot like what I'm working on these days.

  2. I'm having a heck of time trying to post a comment today! Anyhoo...

    These guys look like fun! By the way, I love your new banner :)

    Take care,

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I love these! Thanks for sharing them!

    -Cheeky Magpie

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Thanks for sharing all the Xmas material you are digging up. I especially like this:

    I used 2 of the above pictures and added them to my "paper chain collection" with a link to your full of ressource blog.

    Please keep on finding these vintage stuff, I love coming by and wondering what will show up today. This is really nice. Thank you.
    Merry Xmas.

  5. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Thank you for sharing the cut-out patterns. I can't wait to try them! Now, where did I put my good sewing scissors?

  6. Anonymous4:36 AM

    That is really nice. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. you can give without loving,but you can never love without giving.Nice Comment Keep it up!

  8. Thank you so much for this! I had the magazine that these came out of, and lost it in a house fire! I am so thrilled to have it again, thank you so much!!!

  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Thank you so very much for blessing us all with your site and sharing. May the New Year bring you all of the best. Wish me luck with this !(LOL)

  10. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Do you have a catalogue available ? your patterns look very interesting. I would be interested in some of your patterns. Thanks.

    Mary Linda Davis

  11. These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I make cut files for the cricut - to say thank you anyone interested can receive a free file - contact me at

    looking forward to creating these - does anyone know if they are royalty free? - Sasha Frugone

  13. Chick5:36 PM

    I'm wondering if there really is a 'universal consciousness'! I was looking for inspiration for subjects of my own white papercuts and found these great designs - and obviously so do others, as well as those who are creating their own! I love this site.

  14. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I am just starting paper cutting and find these designs delightful. I especially like the deer and the tree chain. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

  15. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Thank you for posting these! I was searching my basement looking for Scherenschnitte patterns (from my elementary school years!) to share with my girls since we are studying Germany. I have great memories of making these.


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