Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Vacation

I am rejuvenated, refreshed and had more fun than I have had in many years. This was my first ever "me time" vacation. My dear sister, Elizabeth, pampered me and I spent many hours in her backyard living as a cat. I did not have to do anything but be. I called it time spent at "Spa Sister"

Then there was my 40th high school reunion. It was for both high schools in our town and most people were from classes '66 through '69. I am class of '68. It was up there as one of the best parties ever! Many of us stayed at a nearby Hilton the night of the reunion. I had adjoining rooms with Ann and Susan who I had not seen in 40 years. We laughed and had a great time before the party and would have been more than satisfied sharing time with each other had the party been a dud.
This picture of Susan and me was taken at the reunion. There are more pictures on other people's cameras that I'm hoping to get.

Susan had come to my sister's home and treated me to a great haircut in the backyard. We were together when the earthquake hit. She is so much fun and as beautiful inside as out.
The evening of the reunion we took a cab to the restaurant. Here's the story:

As I stepped out of the taxi and saw the party spilling out of the patio at Schmidt's I wondered "Who are all those old people?" Then I knew it was us.

Throughout the evening I came to the realization that each of us were the still the same only better. We had aged like fine wine. All had been tested by fire, experienced joy and deep sadness. I sensed an aura of contentment, that we are happy with ourselves and had learned much on the paths our lives had taken.

It was wonderful to see siblings, childhood sweethearts still together and gather news of those who weren't attending.

There were poignant moments, too, as I learned of classmates no longer with us, the damages of life and the Vietnam War. It was with trepidation that I asked after parents who had kept a watchful eye on me. My sadness on hearing of some passings and joy that many parents are living incredible lives still.

I'm in awe of us. We were cool then. Still are.

P.S. I got a couple of "Damn, you're hot" comments, always good for a girl's ego. One man asked "How did I miss you?" My reply "4'11", braces, dork, straight A girl" Another man asked about the reason I have difficulty walking. "It's a boring, old lady story that I don't want to tell" From someone behind me in the group I hear a "Right On!"
God forbid I ever turn into that elderly woman only too happy to explain her list of maladies!
The party was an injection from the fountain of youth and still feels really good.


  1. Gorge-ous! So glad you had such a trip! Yay for Meggie.

  2. Oh! Thanks, Shelley. I am feeling so well, that I tease my husband "Your girlfriend's back."

  3. You look and sound like you had a great time! Thanks for the inspiration - I have a big reunion next year and I'm having trouble deciding if I should go. Maybe I will.

  4. Twokitties,
    I highly recommend the experience.
    The people who had the most fun were the ones who did not bring a spouse. I did not know most of the classmates because no one from my group was there. It didn't seem to matter and was like any cocktail party only better because of our shared experiences.

    My husband has his 40th reunion coming up in October. He's looking forward to and I hope he has as much fun as I did.

    I was surprised that I did not revert back to dork. The one trait that made everyone attractive was confidence. The life stories you will hear will be astounding. I came away with so much respect for them and for myself.

  5. What a fun time you had! Yep, that's what California's known for! Good friend, good food and good friends! Glad you had a great time and can still be considered as the one that got away!

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    How great!!
    I've known some other people who found their reunions depressing. I'm sure it's a lot to do with the attitude you approached it with.
    You know Meggicat, you write very well. It must be a genes thing.
    You look good too. That's also a genes thing for sure.


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