Monday, June 23, 2008

Well Wishes

Today is the 6th day of drilling. 340 ft. drilled and cased and still no water. We were hoping for better but this isn't a surprise. Our property is on a hill and the drill site is at the highest point.

June asked how the drillers know where to drill. In our case there are a number of factors such as where the equipment is able to be located, where the septic system is and how far from the house to trench and install pipe and electricity. We have to rely on the driller's experience and knowledge of the geology.

Our house is located at the top of the hill and the septic is on the downside of the house. Our current well is at the bottom of the hill and is very shallow, old and has magnesium dirty water requiring a number of filters. We knew this when we purchased the property for the cost of land only. This well has two pumps to get water up here and when the electricity is out so is the water.

Our goal is quality water and a storage tank so we have gravity feed to the house when the power goes out.

These pictures were taken last Friday. The driller told us he was through the clay layer and was starting to hit sandstone and rock. We need rock layers. So far there had been a river of grey clay and a smooth sound to the drill. This morning the clay has changed to tan color and I can hear the drill start to bounce. That's the sound of rock but so far it hasn't been constant.
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  1. How exciting! May you get all the fresh drinking water you need, um you might say... I'm wishing you well! hee.

  2. Thanks for explaining it. Sometimes I wish I was a geologist, astronomist, marine biologist, neurosurgeon, and other assorted specialists because there are so many fascinating things to learn in the world.

  3. that looks intense! Congrats!


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