Monday, February 18, 2008

Leaves of Time

Artist and homeschool educator Karen Kindrick invites you to illuminate the pages of your life.

She offers drawing collections and the most lovely hand drawn fonts downloadable for a resonable fee. Click on Clipart. She also offers tutorials about using the art in her Illuminators Workshop.
Karen generously shares some of her drawings for you to try for free. Look in Leaf Collecting and Background Files.


  1. Hello, fellow Portlander. Thanks so much for the links to book binders/repairers that you left on my blog. I have been perusing your blog and am astounded by the wealth of information and inspirations here. Wonderful stuff!

  2. What a great idea--thank you for this information. I've always loved the beautiful way medieval books were illustrated and often thought about the idea of doing the same in my journals. But, like the gazillion and one ideas I've learned over the years, it's something I've not actually tried yet. This is wonderful inspiration.

  3. Just had to tell you that I ADORE your blog! There it is...


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