Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slip Dress Patterns

These patent drawings for slips are interesting for summer play dresses for me. I'm a slender 4'11" and like dresses to have fitted waists and not a lot of fabric.
Pick one measurement ( upper back side seam to side seam) on these drawings to proportion the pattern up. Click the pictures to download the patent drawings.

This first pattern is cut on the bias and fits the bust in an interesting way.

This pattern has a unitary bodice and front panel combining the darts and front seams. The skirt has flare but not a ton of gathers.

Princess seaming and side panels provide fit.
I like the waist fit and two way bust fit.


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  2. I'm forever in your debt for finding that calculator!!! Everytime I want to enlarge anything using the copier, my mind grows dim when I try to calculate the %, I usually end up getting my ruler out and making lots of copies until they fit :(

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I just recently found your blog, it as quickly become a favourite.

  4. muchos graziasos for the pattern..os
    they're exactly what I've been looking for

    question-do the two last ones go with either of the two first or are they seprate dresses?

  5. Suzy,
    I'm thrilled whenever a tool is useful! You are one of the best at seeing the potential in my blog.

    each section divided by text are separate patterns.

  6. Thank you so much for posting these patterns. I still have to use them, but they look wonderfull. I have been looking for the perfect slipdress for ages and decided to make one myselve. I drew and made three different versions myselve, and they all didn't fit right.
    All three of these patterns seem really smart and i can't wait to make one of them. The first one seems verry pretty. I was just wondering how do i make the pattern the right size? Could i just take my waist and add a few inches?

  7. I have a maternity shoot on Sat, and desperately needed to make a dress with the pattern of s slip... thank you so much for this, it made my life 1000000000x easier!!!


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