Monday, January 14, 2008

Fabric Baby Kimono Shoes

Cloth Baby Shoes by Esther A. Westberg

The truth is that I want some of these for myself. The patent has clear directions about construction. To get the pattern to the size you want measure just one sole on your print-out of the pattern pieces. Then we need to figure the proportion for enlarging the sole to the size we want.

I use this wonderful proportion calculator at Enter the measurement (length and width) into the top boxes on the calculator and then you just need the length of the foot you want slippers for. Your result will be a percentage and all you will need to do is scan or photocopy your print out to that number. It may take scanning the pattern in pieces.

If you are wanting to make baby shoes sizes 00 through 8 the good folks at Trimfit offer a printable shoe chart for children that is quite cool and will be useful.

I have more shoe patterns to come as well as some hats, pinafores and aprons. Working with these ideas may take some fiddling but can be well worth it.

This is the frog closure I want for this shoe.


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    Oh my gosh - this is so weird. I haven't visited your site in quite a while since you stopped posting. I don't know why but for some reason today, it just popped into my mind to check your site and here you are! I'm so glad you are back and I look forward to seeing more of you. And thanks for the tip on checking patents - this will be fun!

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    welcome back! I use bloglines and couldn't believe my eyes when you came up as a new post! yay! keep posting, we have missed you.

  3. Oh!! I'm glad to see you too!
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  5. You are back! Welcome, you've been mised!! Wow, I was so worried what had happened to you.

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    It is so nice to see you back!!! I have always enjoyed visiting your blog. I hope this new year is a wonderful and kind to you!

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    Yippee! Your back. Oh I needed some good news today. I was really worried about you.

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    OMIGOD you're back! I'm so glad! I haven't even caught up yet, I had to page back through to find where you came back! YAY!

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