Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pop Up Valentine patterns

From Marivi Garrido in Spain.
"These patterns can be used Royalty free but only for private use. Commercial use is not allowed"
Marivi is a very talented and generous paper engineer and is the first artist I found when I wanted to learn about pop up cards. On her home page scroll down to "Cards with Patterns" There are 3 pages of them and the ones marked with a red * are free for personal use.
Click the following pictures for direct links to these printable valentine patterns.

Note: I wrote to Marivi to thank her for sharing her patterns. I included a link back to this post. Here is her reply:
"Hi Kathy:
You are welcome!! Thank you for writing my name at your site, there is not many people with this kind of respect for author's rights.
I live in Spain, I use to live in Argentina some years ago.
Warmest regards, Marivi."


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