Sunday, January 15, 2006


My own penmanship is terrible but I do admire it as art.
The online library of Rare Books on Calligraphy and Penmanship
hosted by The International Association of Master Penmen,Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting.
"These books are no longer in print. Preserved in digital format, we offer them here in their entirety for current and future generations of calligraphers, penmen and pen artists. Enjoy."
Note: I wrote to thank them for maintaining this wonderful collection and this is the reply:
"Thanks for letting us know! We seldom hear from people about whether they like it or not, so I appreciate you writing!"

This image is in Real Pen Work Self-Instructor in Penmanship, Knowles and Maxim 1881
I found this through BibliOdyssey as recommended by Patricia.
Then Patricia scanned an entire French penmanship book that she is sharing on Grenouille Plus


  1. Meggiecat, I was very tired tonight, and was just skipping through some of my favorite blogs when I noticed this post about calligraphy. As a keen amateur calligrapher, I had to have a look. An hour later, I am no longer tired, but very excited about these sites and those fabulous images! I will do as you say and leave messages on the individual sites, because they are too wonderful for words alone! Thank you again for posting them on your blog!

  2. LOL!! No longer tired? Gina, you're funny. I envy that you have a steady enough hand for calligraphy.

    I have to add here that I have gotten a case of "be careful what you wish for" in that I was overwhelmed with kind, funny and sweet messages that I appreciate very much. A couple of people had expressed that they stopped commenting on blogs and writing because they didn't receive a reply from one blogger or another.
    When I send a thank you message, I have no expectation of a reply and most don't reply. That's fine with me, I simply want them to know how appreciative I am.

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Thanks very much for all your lovely links. I especially like this one for the Penmanship books.

  4. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Thanks for hosting a great site! love all your unique links!

  5. love these links to out of print calligraphy books...thanks so much! your site is always wonderful window shopping!!!

  6. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Thank you for this calligraphy link! Calligraphy has been a hobby of mine (one of many) for 35 years (holy cow - that's a long time!) and these sites are an absolute treasure!!


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