Friday, June 03, 2005

Patricia's Paper Dolls

Generous Patricia of Agence eureka sent me some lovely vintage paper dolls.
Unfortunately I stored them on Image Shack and they are gone.
The good news is that she has a huge collection of paper dolls online at Agence eureka.
She is so generous with her very large collections and was one of my first online friends.


  1. Hi Meggiecat,
    Somebody else said earlier on your blog that these paper dolls brought back memories of playing with them when she was sick in bed. I didn't have to be sick to play with mine! I had a box full of paper dolls and paper clothes. My friends would come over and we would dress them, walk them around on the floor and have conversations! So much fun..
    By the way, in response to your request, I have put scans of my grandmother's autograph book on my blog - plenty more where they came from!

  2. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Hi. Just found your blog and think it looks interesting. I'll be stopping by from time to time.

  3. I just love the paper dolls... It certainly bought back memories for me... Thanks for the trip down memory lane...

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Hi Meggiecat,

    I have always love paperdolls. Used to design their clothes and make friend for them to play with. Not too long ago I made some magnet paperdolls and cloths for my niece. It was fun! Thanks for always having such interesting things for us to do.

  5. oh these bring back memories - my grandma used to bring them over whenever i was home from school ill.

  6. I too loved paper dolls and these are just lovely. Never have seen any like these. How nice this is!

  7. This is just fantastic, I love these! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Anonymous7:15 PM

    These lovely paper dolls took me back many years -way back to 1938!!
    My mom used to buy McCall's magazine and in the magazine were paper dolls called Betsy McCall.
    Yours reminded me of them.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  9. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Thank you for the beautiful doll pictures ... my 10 year old just started likeing paper dolls and she will have fun with these...thank you again.

  10. What discovery! Your page enchants to me because I collect east type of illustrations. I will return soon.
    Kisses and Happy 2009



  11. Thanks for posing this images, I lOVE them!!! I will come back often for inspiration...

  12. How wonderful! I love paper dolls and would spend hours as a child dressing them. thank-you so much for sharing, these dolls are stunning!

  13. I found your page as I was searching for something else. How wonderful! I played with paper dolls when I was little, and I do recall Betsy McCall from the magazine. I'll check back often and thank you for the download.

  14. Hi! I'd like to know if you sell these paper dolls for commercial use in scrapbook digital kits.
    Please contact me!

  15. Anonymous4:59 PM

    For some reason the 2nd paper doll (the little boy) won't load. Is there any way you could send another link or another way to get to it?


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