Thursday, June 23, 2005

More Goodies from France

Patricia of Des Chapeaux has another blog, Agence eureka, where she is sharing some more paper dolls, ephemera and photos of her life in Rhone, France. She is such a good friend to share her amazing collections with us.

She says that two of the doll dresses were too big for the scanner and will need to be pieced together with glue.
Be sure to follow her link "site neerlandais sur la pub". It's ReclameArsenaal, a virtual museum of advertising in the Netherlands with thousands of enlarged images. By far one of the best resources I've explored and found it intuitive even though it's in Dutch. Sheesh, I'm such an American...... speaking only one language. Four years of Latin...what was I thinking?
I'll post some of the things I found there as soon as I get some time.


  1. coucou!
    I 'm afraid I dont speak deutch to,but it's easy to see all of around 18 800 ads; choose "virtual museum" clic on "database ...18 500 items" don't write nothing and clic on "zoek nu" and you just need many time to see all! enjoy
    I have an other link in netherland about vintage circus posted it's a wonderfull site!:
    a bientot

  2. Anonymous4:44 AM

    It's a very nice site at Agence eureka. I am looking for Pita's entry for lundi, Juin 20 of the apple that is on your entry Meggiecat. The apple is beautiful. I don't have a Blogger account--otherwise I would post a comment on Pita's site....I love all the creative things you both come up with for my little eyes to behold!


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