Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Resize photos for e-mail

"Resize2mail is an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling, my sister or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site.
Resize your digital photo images online in three easy steps! Resize your digital photo images in three easy steps!
1. Select the image you would like to resize with [Browse...]
2. Select the size you would like your new image to be.
3. Click on okay and wait for the next page to showup.
Save the resized image on your PC and email it to friend, family, colleague or office."

I tested this site with a scan of a vintage paper napkin that was my grandmother's.
original width: 1373, height: 1333 and: 371.496 KB.
The resized image is now: width: 350, height: 360 and: 54.326 KB.


  1. That if very interesting. I am going to try it.

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    There's a wonderful little program to resize pictures off line, PIXresizer (http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm)
    (First time commenting, but a long time reader.)

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Thanks Solange. I am new to this site also. I love it! Thanks for sharing the info on digital photo sizing. I need help there!


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