Friday, March 18, 2005

Digital Archive of Lace

I don't make or collect lace but am fascinated by it. The motifs and repeats serve as inpiration for quilting designs, stencils, carved stamps and motifs for collage. The information in this archive is downloadable as PDF files. I like opening these in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro so that they can be manipulated to make patterns or an image to print and use in a collage. I hope you enjoy this archive as much as I do.

From a catalog, Carl Abildgaard, Kobenhavn, 1916, 8 pages

This archive contains articles, full page books, illustrations, catalogs, salesman's sample books and much more. This huge resource is kept by Ralph E. Griswold in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Arizona, Tucson. In 1995, he retired to have more time for his research, programming, and graphics interests. His current work is in number theory and the computational and mathematical aspects of weaving.

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  1. Awesome! Would look great in an art journal


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