Monday, March 21, 2005

Bookplates from My Home Library

Downloadable bookplates that can be used any way you like (except for commercial purposes). These plates are donated by the illustrators. I like this one from Anita Jeram

They are also appealing for new bookplates. Here's an opportunity for some fun. If you do share a bookplate with them, will you please let me know?

New Bookplate Appeal
Are you one of those generous-spirited artists who has already created a bookplate for our site?
Or an artist who hasn't yet got round to doing so and feels horribly, horribly guilty?
If you're either, please, please would you consider designing us one with a specific wording we find we're now being asked for all the time, namely:

This book was donated to


Out there are so many generous people donating books to schools or to local libraries. The grateful recipients have been begging for a bookplate especially designed to mark the donor's generosity, and thank them personally.
Please have a go! Bookplates can be emailed to us or, if you prefer to post originals, send an email and we'll promptly tell you where to post it.


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    What a great link! All of the bookplates are gorgeous, and what a great idea. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Meggiecat, this is an especially nice link for me as I design bookplates, thanks !

  3. I had fun here, and some of my books will now be sporting a special bookplate with fun memories attached. Thankyou!


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