Friday, August 06, 2004

Print your own beautiful music

I don't have much in the way of ephemera and prefer instead to print my own. The libraries, museums and universities of the world are my favorite sources. Many of you will have seen these before but some of my friends need directions to specific items.
Old musical scores are a beautiful addition to collage and decoupage. These are especially lovely and available in large (150ppi) and larger (300ppi)

Chopin Early Editions consist of digitized images of all scores in the University of Chicago Library's Chopin collection. Users can search or browse Chopin Early Editions via a variety of data points, including titles, genres, and plate numbers.
Choose a title, click view score then use the drop down box to view each and every exquisite page.


  1. Great job but then I might be prejudiced!
    MeggieCat's Old Man

  2. Thanks so much for the tip. I printed one.


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