Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Artists and Children's Books in 1920s Japan

These lovely children are made of paper. Look closely at the words on the children. It's English and French! This is my favorite image in the beautiful exhibit at The International Library of Children's Literature / National Diet Library in Japan

Kodomo no kuni
Artists and Children's Books in 1920s Japan
The introduction explains:
The Picture Book Gallery No. 2 Exhibit centers around some 300 illustrations published in the Kodomo no kuni picture book magazine during the first decade after its inauguration in 1922.
The editorial policy of Kodomo no kuni was to encourage the free and unrestrained imagination of children by way of art and present fine works of decorative art that would foster the wholesome development of their best human qualities. The Gallery of major artists of the Kodomo no kuni is intended to show how these illustrators, close observers of the children of the time, gave free and artistic expression to their depiction of children.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    The illustrations in this childs Japanese book are just Awesome! I love them! Thanks for sharing.
    How did you find such a treasure?


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