Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painted Lamps

Excellent advice by Spray Painters Anonymous guest
Janell from Isabella & Max rooms on
Living Savvy.

Doodle with a white Sharpie oil paint marker
From Better Homes and Gardens

Maybe some thing like this design patent for fabric.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Welcome Back! I have followed your blog for years. Your links have led me to places I never would have thought to explore before. I am tickled pink.

  2. Meggie -- I'm with anonymous. It is so good to see you back. I'd like to post a link to your blog from mine, if that's ok.

  3. Hey, Shay! and Hilly,
    I remember you both.
    I have been so ill with an auto immune disease, Myasthenia. Ironic, I had and still have double vision.
    I've stabilized for a bit and am working on some pattern ideas that I can do from my bed.
    Thanks for the attention. I do enjoy gathering inspiration material with Pinterest.


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