Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tempory Body Art

While following a search for paste resist techniques I landed on The Henna Page which is an educational resource devoted to the history, traditions, techniques, science and art of Henna, and is part of a site group devoted to Henna and related arts.

I adore the idea of temporary body art bet wouldn't want henna because it fades. The Henna Page offers a fabulous selection of free PDF books and that's where I found this little gem.

Since I'm always on the lookout for fun activities for and with kids the techniques offered in Gilding, Glitter and Gems look like a blast. There are a variety of recipes for making your own gilding pastes using spikey hair gel, gel and Elmer's washable glue, hair glue, cosmetic glue and a variety of powders from Lumiere to body glitter. The following photos from The Henna Page will give you a small glimpse at the concept.

These designs are removable and inexpensive to make. I think it would make a fun girl's party activity, alternate face painting at festivals, better than temporary tattoo for a girl's softball or swim team. As you read you'll find that some recipes like the hair gel are for short time uses and the hair glue will last longer.
Pastes can be made up ahead of time and stored in cones made from Mylar wrapping paper. Keep it in the refrigerator. Directions and tips for making the cones are here.

There are also techniques for painting using body paint , regular cosmetics (liquid eyeliner), glitter and gems. Many of the supplies are at the beauty supplies store.
The gilding page is here. Halloween is coming! Sparkle up!

Skin safe glue, glitter and face painting supplies available at Silly Farm.

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