Sunday, March 15, 2009

Newspaper Seed 6 Packs

When I was with the Friends of the Scappoose Library seedlings were our best sellers at our spring booksale. This tip would have helped to save us from a shortage of recycled pots. Brought to you by Little House in the Suburbs. Check out her printable Garden Planners.


  1. This is so great!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    How timely, I spent an hour sowing my flower seeds this morning. I am certainly going to give this a try for my next batch, it'd be great for the bigger vegetable seeds. Thanks for that Meggiecat. :o)


  3. Excellent idea. I mean the $$ you save especially right now!

  4. What a great link. I gave up trying to make a million little pots this year and just threw my seeds into a tray separated by newspapers ( Good thing I didn't, half of my saved seeds didn't sprout.

  5. wish I'd done this all winter!


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