Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Templates and Great Project Ideas

The Cheeky Magpie has some really great projects and free templates. Love her blog.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Hello, my friend! I've missed you and am trying to catch up on posts you've made since I've been gone. As always, I see wonderful creative ideas you've shared as well as the way you've reevaluated your life and are making a fresh start. That takes courage and you've got that in aces.

  2. I've just looked at the wonderful (but complicated) star-shaped box. And the patent for it - how interesting. My son has just read this over my shoulder. "It looks as if the inventor's wife has signed the patent," he said. "That must have been right after she said, 'Good grief, Alvin, that's taken you months to invent. It better make us some money after all that.'".

    I think he might be right.

    Happy 2009.

  3. I've been reading through your blog and it is wonderful! So inspiring! I have about 20 projects swimming round in my head now! Thanks for sharing all those patterns and ideas and links. Which to do first???

  4. hello meggiecat love your meow meow heart!

  5. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I like looking at the your patterns and other ideas...makes me want to start sewing again.

  6. Happy New Year Maggiecat,I enjoyed all your post in 2008 and looking forward with you 2009.
    Wanted to thank you for all you shared with us.
    Lord Bless you and your family.

  7. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Happy New Year Meggiecat....I wish you all the best in 2009 and as always, thank you for sharing all your great finds and ideas with us.

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  9. Anonymous12:01 PM

    How are you? Coming out of lurkdom to inquire...Hope all is well in this new year for you. Miss your posts!

  10. Hi Meggiecat

    Missing your posts. Hope all is well in meggiecat land.

  11. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Where are you? Are you ok? Holidays after a divorce can be really tough- but they get better (been there)- you'll make it!

  12. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Also missing your posts and hoping all is well with you because the silence is concerning.

  13. Anonymous12:01 AM

    okay missy. you have us all worried. hope you are okay.

  14. Dear Meggiecat

    Please put all of us avid followers out of our misery and let us know that you are ok and are just too busy with your new life to blog. I am sure we will understand. It is the silence that is awful...I have checked your blog every day since you last blogged....


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