Sunday, May 18, 2008

Homemade Galalith Plastic

This search adventure started with this project at esprit cabane for homemade milk stone (galalith) jewelry.

I continued my search and found this very good Instructable by Coffeebot.
I wonder....mix with casein paint for color?

What is galalith? How is it used? Some Googling led me all over the internet and I found that galalith is categorized with Bakelite for jewelry, buttons, buckles etc.
It can be sawed, sanded and polished. I'm interested more in process than anything else but this could be fun for handbag handles and hardware even if they were rough looking.
Original galalith was made using formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. These two links use vinegar.
Here is an article about Marie-Christine Pavone's galalith jewelry.


  1. Yet another great find, Meggie! Tank you so much--I'd never ever heard of this!?

  2. Ha! I had never heard of this either and did think of you. I almost said "this is for Shelley"
    You are the one who would really give this a try for your project.

  3. Thank you, Meggie, for this great blog!

  4. I just want to stop by again and leave a note saying I hope all is well with you. In doing so, I note that my comment about this post never made it. I don't know why my comments seem to be disappearing in the virtual airwaves on your blog and some others. Ah well, hopefully this one finds it way to let you know I'm thinking of you.

  5. meggiecat- great post, sorry to be coming to it late. I'm blogging it, along with riffing on the idea of making knitting needles or other knit accoutrement. Thanks! (hope this kind of linking notification isn't outside normal e-etiquette...)


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