Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vintage Postcards 7

Click for larger versions

This one is my favorite. The larger version is bare breasted.


  1. Kathy, such fun scans! Thanks so much for sharing your finds! And boo on comment spam. What is wrong with people?!

  2. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Darling pics!Your blog is amazing! LOVE IT!

    There is probably a lot to it, but how do you post a smaller pic on the blog and then also able to put the larger version on??

    I have wanted to do this on my blog but can't figure it out (DUH!)


  3. Stacie,

    This post used The Picasa Hello program for Blogger. It has two settings. One for showing and a second for saving. The larger images are the saved ones.

    In my other blog, The Frankie Files, I post the larger images to ImageShack. They give me a direct link Url and a thumbnail if I want to use. Cut and paste html. So I post a smaller version of the image and make that picture a link to the larger version at ImageShack.


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