Friday, September 16, 2005

Paper Doll Chain Template

From the
Tempting Templates archive at Stampington & Company

This paper doll chain template


  1. Gosh these take me back many years! I used to love making them - I even cut up old newspapers if there was nothing else to use.
    While I am here Meggie - I have put some pics of Japanese paper on Patra's Other Place. You (and some of your readers) might like to have a look. I have lots more, but will only scan the rest of it if enough interest is shown, so please let me know (here or on my blog) if you want to see some more.

  2. Hi Meggie, you said you could use these if I scanned them at a higher resolution. If you put instructions on my blog on how to do that, I will have a go with the next lot!

  3. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I saw these the other night and just loved them, there are so many fun ways you can use them. Paperzone has some really wonderful ideas and templates at their site. dawn


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