Thursday, August 25, 2005

The real Meggiecat

You've probably noticed that I've been MIA for much of the summer. One of the reasons is that this blog's namesake, Meggie, has been very ill. She's in renal failure but is getting some intensive nursing care here at home that included giving her IV fluids under her skin twice a day. She has improved quite a bit and now only has to have the fluids every other day. Poor Megs; no more snacks and treats including her favorite, ice cream.

She and I have been together for nearly 19 years of perfect companionship. She's taken good care of me and I'll do the same for her for the time we have left together.
Our veterinarian is very compassionate and will tell me when it's time to let her go.

So, I thought you might want to see the cat who chose me.

I'll get back to normal soon. I'm about a month behind responding to e-mail and hope that everyone will understand. Thanks for letting me share.


  1. She's in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM


    I have 18 and 17-year-olds, so I really feel for you. Bless you both.


  3. Kathy....I am so sorry about Meggie..please take care...Vicci

  4. My heart goes out to you! My sweet George was with me from 3rd grade until the fourth year of my marriage and then succombed to kidney failure. I am there with you all the way. I know in my heart that when it is my time to leave this place, George will be there waiting for me to fill his cat dish and scrunch his face like we used to do.

    Miss Meggie will be happy and wait for you as well. Perfect and pretty and full of her old self!

    Take care sweety. hugs.

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    take care of you and meggiecat!

    *big hugs to you kathy*

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I am going through that right now with my 17 yo Maine Coon "Meg".... she was my first baby! I am sending you a big hug right now! Also, I wanted to tell you that I came across your blog today and find it very inspiring.

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

    *BIG HUG* to you both...

  8. courage....I know how it's hard .

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    All my best thoughts... :) How blessed Meggie has been having you.

    Candida in São Paulo, Brazil

  10. Kathy, my heart goes out to you. These kinds of things seem to go in waves. I lost the cat that was my life pet about two years ago.

    I am looking forward to being on the Rainbow Bridge with him someday, but still can't read the poem without tearing up (and almost sobbing).

    As you can see there are many of us that will think good thoughts for you and yours.

  11. Anonymous5:59 PM

    *hugs* You're a great kitty mommy. All of us appreciate the things that you share in this blog. I hope for the best for Meggie.

  12. Awwww! Meggie is so beautiful!!! (As is her mom!)
    I know you have both been blessings to each other. I can only guess how hard and heartbreaking it must be to be strong for her and face the inevitable.
    You know you both have my love & prayers & (((kitty hugs))).

  13. I'm so sorry to hear your kitty child is sick. Take care of you and her and don't worry about your readers. We'll be here when you get back!

  14. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear your beloved cat is ill... my sweet Moet died at 17 year old, last year... I miss her everyday. But she told me when she was ready to go. Lots of love and best wishes for a gentle passing, when you're both ready for her to leave.

  15. You have my deepest sympathy, Meggiecat; like most of the others posters here, we have also loved and lost several fur babies. My own blog is named after our first beautiful ginger pussy - Patra, who lived for 20 years before he succumbed to kidney failure.
    I must say I am appalled at the insensitivity of the blog spammers who have put their rubbish in here. But the ratfinks who do that have no consideration for anyone in any case. Delete them, Meggie!

  16. Heya, just wanted to wish you an Meggie all the best for this tough time. Our prayers and kitty headbuts are with you. - Sharon and Ebony.

  17. Kathy: I am sorry to her about your Meggie. She is a long-time companion. Big hugs and kisses to you both.

  18. it's so sad when a long time companion like meggie gets ill. sounds like she's had a good life with you. all the best.

  19. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Thinking of you, and enjoy these times with Meggie.

  20. Anonymous4:45 AM

    I'm sorry to hear that Meggie is ill. I love animals, especially
    Shih Tzus. I will keep Meggie in my prayers.

  21. Anonymous6:24 AM

    You're both in my thoughts. She's an absolutely beautiful kitty.


  22. I'm sorry to hear of Meggiecat's illness. . . . I'm so glad you posted her picture, now whenever I visit here I'll think of her beautiful image. . . .take care

  23. Gosh, posting at this late date... I have years of catching up to do.

    Our Mommy Cat is 19. She can't hear, can't see well but she still does her level best to follow us around. Poor thing, she falls off short tables, very stiff moving and all but she's still a pistol. She may outlive us yet.

  24. The worst thing I did was the medical intervention to prolong her life. She hated it and I did it for my own selfish reasons. My mother had just passed and I wasn't ready to say goodbye. She was ready.

  25. I did the same thing with my boy cat (Right). In my defense, he did bounce back to completely normal after I intervened the first time. The second time, he didn't. We never knew what was wrong with him in spite of spending a fortune so trying to get him back into remission (I later learned) was fair game. They thought cancer in his head where they couldn't see.

    It went on too long, I was going on a vacation (road trip) and because it would have been frightfully convenient to put him down before hand, I couldn't steer away from the guilt if I did it, not really knowing if it was compassion or convenience that guided me. So I didn't do it and took him with us on the road trip. In hindsight, I've often thought I should have done it beforehand but my husband says that he thinks Right enjoyed the trip. He did looked interested and lively.

    I learned from it tho... I won't do any interventions for Mommy Cat. She's had a good life and we couldn't do anything to make it any better other than ease her passing if it comes to that. Hell, she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and soon to die, back in 2007 :)


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