Monday, December 06, 2004

Reba's Postcards

Reba's collection includes nearly 200 greeting and novelty post cards dating from 1907 to 1910. These beautiful and interesting Victorian style images are from a period of charm and innocence which has long passed.

"It was about Christmas time in 1910, when Reba was almost seven years old, that her brief life came to a sudden and tragic end. What had been expected to be a routine tonsillectomy brought the ultimate sadness to that season of joy.
Today we have nothing to remember Reba by except this portrait and the many greeting cards from family, friends and neighbors which she received and treasured during the last four years of her life. Their messages give no indication that Reba was ailing, so we must conclude that she was simply a very much loved little girl who had a special fondness for post cards. We offer these treasures here in memory of that beautiful child and her loving parents."

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  1. Another extraordinary example of the beautiful things that can be found on the Internet...thanks Meggiecat.


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