Sunday, July 19, 2009

Statue of Libery Patent Drawing

Wish I had found this in time for the Fourth. Isn't she beautiful?


  1. Hola Meggiecat,
    Just want to thank you for still displaying the Lady. You still can show her off, because she had been closed seen Sept. 11th. attack. She was reopen on July the 4th. I am a native New Yorker, and I love to see our cities landmarks on display as artwork or crafters ideas. Great bust design. Awesome blog and cute Dad, found your blog on Anne's Place TFS, Mima

  2. Love this image, and your site! I found you searching for a paper purse pattern to make with my little girl (thank you!) and have been digging around in your wonderful blog all morning as a result (the curse of finding a blog you love!) I can't believe I didn't know of you earlier, as I am also a fan of Sister Diane; I profiled her for a site I think you might really like, super sister that you are, The Sister Project.


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