Saturday, October 25, 2014

Printable Recipe Cards

Christmas cookie exchanges are coming.
From my girl thursday

Hand Embroidery Patterns

From the ever talented Andrea Zuill
She sells her work on Etsy

Badbird’s Art 

And she is generous too! Sharing a large selection of free patterns On her blog,

Baby Doll Bassinet TUTORIAL

From Jamie C. of Nothing Fancy

LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Design Software

Free Handbag Patterns

This is the largest collection of free handbag patterns I've seen.

Christmas Angels

From The Graphics Fairy

Free 3D Paper Stars and Lantern Templates

Projekt Bastelbogen
There are 33 designs for stars and then check the
home page for paper craft projects of all kinds

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Perfect tool to generate your own hexagonal paper piecing templates.
You choose the size.

My Favorite Tool

I've mentioned before that I can't draw but I sure can trace and adjust to make something my own. When I need a large image I use my Artograph projector. It can project a printed image not just transparencies. My hallway is fairly dark so I put my projector on a high stool, tape paper to the wall and trace away. My favorite paper for large project patterns is red rosin paper from Home Depot. It comes on a big roll and is 3 ft. wide, very durable and inexpensive. Building contractors use it to protect finished floors.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Images in the Harvard Collections

VIA is a catalog of visual resources at Harvard related to art, architecture, archeology, ethnography, and material culture. VIA includes information about slides, photographs, artwork, and artifacts in the University's libraries, museums, and archives.
I was interested in finding inspiration for chinoise style painted panels and searched for "Chinese illustration".

There are trade cards, daguerreotypes and Chinese rubbings in the
I also found some very interesting designs with a search for "printed textiles"

Paper doll


Free knitting patterns from

 Free patterns from
These are just a few of them.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Simple Formula for Pricing Your Work

From Danielle Maveal on Etsy

Pop-up templates from Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda is so generous. I have some of his books, love them and will probably just wear them out.  There are designs for valentines, Christmas, all kinds of things.

Bess Kaye for McCalls and Woman's Day

Craft Apron

I'm a good boy cover-up

Cover for electric kitchen utensils

Cover for electric toaster
both are the same design

Ornamental Penmanship

Promoting the Art of Ornamental Penmanship.
Script Lessons Online.

Beautiful site with copy pages and exemplars.

Papercraft Baby Carriage 1895

Love this carriage.

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

This was a Bucilla, Better Homes and Gardens and McCalls pattern and kit.
The Google Patent images aren't that great. There is a link to this design. Look for External Link
This image is from the second page.

Gingermelon Dolls Free Patterns and Tutorials

I think these are such cute projects.  Her stitchery is so fine.
Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage Images from Carla Hoag

These are just a small sampling of the vintage images.  
There is tons to see! 
Go visit Carla at Home 
click a pictures to see that page

Day of the week towels 1940

By Rodney Ruth

I found and purchased this kitchen towel patented by Rodney Ruth April 2, 1940.
Click the pic to see it larger.

This is the very first time I've seen, in person, something from my design patent collection!
Thrilled to find it. So? How great is this?

Liesl Gibson oliver + s

I'm a fan. She glows with talent and taste.
Liesl Gibson
  • tutorials, free sewing videos, free patterns

  • reversible doll with patterns

    Princess costume or doll

    I like her for a small embroidered ornament.

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