Monday, July 17, 2006


I scanned these from
Two Hundred Best Poems for Boys and Girls
compiled by Marjorie Barrows
silhouettes by Janet Laura Scott and Paula Rees Good.
Whitman Publishing Company 1938.
Click on the pics for high resolution images.

the poem is too long so I'll only quote the last line.
When I Was a Bird
by Katherine Manfield
"I felt just like a bird"

This one is for Kim.

The Little Girl Next Door
by Mildred Bowers Armstrong
If she had a broom straw
Stuck into her hat,
We'd think it was a feather -
She's like that.

by Ann Zelenka
I've spaded up a garden
But I haven't planted seeds,
This one's going to be kept
Exclusively for weeds -
There won't be distinctions
Or uptilted noses,
And Queen Anne's lace is lovelier
Than lilies or roses.


  1. These poems and silhouettes are lovely. The one you chose for Kim suits her perfectly!

  2. I love silhouettes! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Silhouettes are wonderful. I always think of Peter Pan's shadow which makes silhouettes all that much more magical to me. Thank you for sharing the poems, too!

  4. I've tried to start a set of sihouettes. Maybe it should be a whole flickr group! heheh

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM


    I am SO happy you're back!


  6. Yes, I love the poem! And I forgot to say thank you the other day. I am now getting my head screwed back on right.

  7. oh, these are absolutely lovely. thank you for posting them! (and greetings from another oregonian)

  8. I had this book as a child. It had been my mother's and by the time I got it the cover was missing, and the pages were yellowed and brittle, but the silhouette illustrations were incredible. I always loved them. Sadly, the book was destroyed in a flood.


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