Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Your Own Buttons

Hoo-Boy, I really love these buttons! I was browsing CraftStylish and fell for the project only to find that it's designed by my favorite CraftyPoder, Diane. No wonder I like it. Bag makers take note. It's the details that count and this one has some of my favorite attributes. It's interesting, cost effective, green, materials are easily available and the step by step photos and text are great.

See what I miss when I walk away from the computer for a period of time? Sometimes I just have to do it so I can hear my own internal voice.


  1. Taking breaks is good for you. We're always happy to hear your external voice, though. :)

  2. Welcome back it always good to take a break for the blog so you can get fresh start.
    I have i need less one or two days of not being on to get refreshed.
    hugs welcome back.

  3. I have just found you through your Dad's blog. I am so excited about all the lovely things you blog about and can't wait for your next post!

  4. Aw, thanks, Meggicat! I'm honored. And, take all the breaks you need. We're always glad to see you anytime.

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  7. Great Idea! I'll have to revamp some old jackets hanging around the closet. They'll be like new!!!!!!

  8. eefje2:32 AM

    can't find the link to the description to make the buttons???

    they really are lovely!!!


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