Monday, September 01, 2008

Handmade Flipbook

Graphic Designer Aaron "Alphonse" Swinehart (of Portland OR, where else has the most talent?) Posts an excellent tutorial about making flipbooks from your videos on his blog, The Curious. Can't get your friends to sit still to view your videos? Put a flipbook on the coffee table. That ought to catch attention!


  1. Saw this, isn't it cool!? Found through Moo as they are suggesting using their cards to make em, which seems a great idea because you can make a set, each with a different image. I gotta try it!

  2. Moo? I DON'T know everything! Comeback with a link please.

  3. check out

    a lot of Etsy sellers and other crafts people use the mini cards as business or trading cards. Some designers will have cards made up from their original designs and sell them on their site.

    I LOVE your blog - and check it regularly and share your finds with friends. Thank you!

  4. whoops - should have looked a little farther and this is the page on that talks about using their cards for the flip books.

  5. bobbins,
    Thanks for the kind words and the links. Cool!


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